What to Consider When Looking for Sleeping Bags at Camping Stores


No hotel room in the world can offer the same experience as camping outdoors. After all, what hotel room can boast of a star-filled ceiling, walls that open into the wilderness, the sounds of wildlife, and all the fresh air you can ever want to inhale?

Of course, spending the night outdoors requires proper preparation, both for your comfort and safety. Aside from your tent, one of the most important pieces of gear to get right is your sleeping bag.

A sleeping bag can be a considerable investment, which is why you need to make sure it is the right one for your type of camping and comfort level. Following are some important considerations to take into account as you scour camping stores. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2uz3yzK

Camping Store in Perth Reveals the Top Things You Need to Include in Your Outdoor Survival Kit


When you’ve lived in the city your whole life, the great outdoors can look very appealing. You might want to start daydreaming about sleeping under the blanket of stars, or just sitting by the campfire, eating s’mores with not a care in the world.

If you’re revved up to spend a couple of days and nights in one of the campsites nearby, a camping store may offer some useful guidelines to help you survive and enjoy being away from civilization for just a little while.

Bring the Appropriate Campsite Gear

Aside from ensuring you have enough food rations to last until the end of your trip, you should also check if you have the right camping gear. If you don’t have any gear yet, it will be easy to ask the camping store which one you’ll need to buy. Just tell them if you’re planning to do your camping near a forest or a beach, since you’ll need to buy some special stakes for beach camping to properly pitch your tent. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2uz9Gbq

Use These Tips to Select the Backpack Best for Your Type of Camping


What better vantage point from which to view nature than from a hike? After all, you are traversing trails through lush trees, interspersed by beautiful vistas and other natural wonders. Your grand escape from civilization, however, doesn’t mean leaving everything behind. You need to survive and enjoy your getaway. The most vital piece of gear to these ends is your backpack. It needs to comfortably accommodate all of your essentials and perhaps a little more.

If you are the slightest bit puzzled about which pack is best for your purposes, consider the following factors.

Water resistant material

If you go hiking or backpacking enough times, you will probably encounter some rain, no matter the season. This is why you must examine a backpack’s material. Not many backpacks are totally waterproof, but their fabric must resist water. You definitely don’t want to unfold a wet tent or soaked sleeping bag when you set up camp. By wrapping plastic bags around the most important pieces of equipment, such as your sleeping bag, you can guarantee they remain dry by the time you reach camp. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2vKN2uY