All You Need to Hook Big Carp

Contrary to its name, the European common carp actually originated from Central Asia, wherein they were farmed for hundreds of years as supplement to the rice diet of country peasants. It was from these beginnings in Japan that the famous brocaded carp, otherwise known as Koi, were first developed.

When it did make its journey to the West, a number of countries, including Australia, Canada, and North America, classified them as a pest due to their ability to survive and multiply in a range of different environments. Nonetheless, if you prefer the rather more sedate pastime of freshwater fishing compared to the more active pursuit of beach or boat sea fishing, going after big carp can become habit-forming.

Setting the Carp Record

A UK angler caught a 99lb monster in France in 2010.


Camping Gear 101: Picking the Right Cookware for Your Camping Trip

Planning a camping trip may seem a bit tedious, especially with all the stuff you have to include in your backpack. Putting together the right camping gear is as vital as selecting the most ideal location for your camping adventure. Cookware is one of the essential elements you will need for an enjoyable trip. If you are taking a camping trip in Perth for several days, you must consider how you are going to source your meals. Professional camping shops like Getaway Outdoors have numerous options for cooking essentials, but it helps to know how to pick the most suitable ones.

Type of Camping

Camp cookware is built differently to suit various environments and offer convenience. First, consider the type of camping trip you are going on. Will the cooking be done indoors or outdoors? Most people prefer cooking outside, and the weather in Perth makes it possible.

Selecting the Right Fishing Rod

The quality of the fishing and camping gear you source can make all the difference from bagging your best catch to having your most memorable camping experience. The way in which the components interact with one another to work at their maximum performance to the longevity of the equipment all has a significant bearing on the initial outlay of capital required and the experience enjoyed.

When shopping, many people make the mistake of purchasing low-priced fishing rods and assume that there is no difference in terms of quality. However, with a poor rod and kit, many problems can arise such as backlashes and snags. More so, cheap rods end up breaking easily just when you need them to perform.

The Rod Action

A rod’s action refers to where and how the blank flexes. That alone determines its performance when under load.