A Guide To Choosing Your First Fishing Kayak

While it is possible to fish from many kayaks or canoes, manufacturers have been producing specialist fishing kayaks for a number of years, and they tend to offer greater stability as well as increased comfort. You can even buy models with rod holders, livewells, and tackle hatches. The aim of the fishing kayak is to ensure that you have everything you need to lure, catch, and reel in a fish, while offering the most comfortable and convenient means of doing so. This type of kayak or canoe has become so popular that you will find a decent selection in a well stocked camping store in Perth such as Getaway Outdoors, rather than having to buy from a usually more expensive, smaller stockist.


Hitting the Outdoors in Perth

Western Australia is known for it’s vast outdoor playground, boasting a huge collection of camping, hiking and fishing locations, perfect for those eager to get out and enjoy the beauty of Australia. Perth, and its surrounding areas, is renowned for having some of the more popular and accessible outdoor recreational areas and superb weather to suit them throughout the year.

When thinking about the best spots for a weekend away in Western Australia with nothing more than a tent and some friends or family, the following locations often come to mind:
– Cape Le Grande National Park
– Fitzgerald River National Park
– Karijini National Park
– Lane Poole Reserve
– Beelu National Park

These are some of the most popular outdoor locations, often attracting both locals and interstate visitors.

Angling Equipment that Can Only Be Found in Fishing Shops in Perth

For those who love the great outdoors, one of the favourite pastimes is fishing. Fortunately, Australia isn’t short of places to enjoy the sport. From beach and rock fishing around the coast to deep-sea game fishing, or freshwater angling in pools and rivers, thousands pack up their tackle boxes every weekend and head toward their favourite fishing spot.

Trout in Australia – a brief overview:

For those with a love of freshwater angling, fishing for trout can be the most frustrating, exasperating, maddening, and yet wholly satisfying of all the freshwater species.

Not a species endemic to Australia, experiments to introduce both salmon and trout to the country began in the mid 1850’s when a ship named The Columbus attempted to ship in brown trout eggs. Although the eggs hatched, the fry quickly died from lack of oxygen in the high temperature water.