Ensure your Prepare for your next Great Outdoor Adventure with some professional knowhow

Western Australia offers some of the best opportunities for memorable outdoor getaways in the country, and indeed across the world. With the area boasting a vast coastline, numerous rivers and gorges, and a seemingly infinite stretch of idyllic locations perfect for setting up camp or simply going on a hike, any keen nature-loving adventurer will always be in their element, whether it be in Perth or beyond.

The great outdoors, however, is filled with both the breathlessly beautiful and the unexpected. Keen adventurers know that the best way to enjoy the outdoors is to be prepared for whatever may come their way. It is vital, that you keep in mind what you’re planning and prepare accordingly, some essentials to get you started are listed below and are available from a reputable camping store.


Grab your tent for a real Australian outdoor experience

For locals and tourists alike entering Australia’s diverse countryside is often classified the holiday or trip of a lifetime, and rightly so. Camping offers real life experiences at the heart of mother nature. A week or two’s camping around unique and secluded spots of Western Australia can provide enough diverse material to fill a book.

A single state half the size of mainland Europe, Western Australia has desert, beaches, forests, ravines, caves, canyons and a plethora of campsites which will make your mouth water. Campsites are as varied as the people who use them – from luxury five star ‘glamping’ sites, to outback coastal stations with red dirt on one side and the beautiful blue ocean with white sandy beach on the other.

Fish Hooks Vary Widely Depending on the Target Fish

The waters off of Perth are filled with fish for anglers to catch. Every angler worth his salt should know that the right hook spells the difference between a successful day out on the waters and a dismal catch. Given the sheer diversity of fish species and sizes, the hook you will use must be the right fit.

If you are serious about sport fishing as a hobby, then you will realise that the nuances of fish anatomy will dictate whether a hook will be effective or not. Consider these tips the next time you visit top fishing shops near Perth such as Getaway Outdoors.