Useful Tips for Estuary Fishing on a Kayak

South of Mandurah is the Peel-Harvey Estuary, commonly known as Peel Inlet. One of three major lakes in the southern coast of Western Australia, the estuary is a popular boating and fishing destination. The route from Canning Vale is pretty straightforward; just take Highway 2 all the way to Mandurah via Meadow Springs.


Trying to Catch Mangrove Jacks? Get Tips from professional Fishing Shops

“The mangrove jack has both inspired the reverence and the frustration of fishing enthusiasts in Australia. It is a challenging fish to catch since it can grow as big as 1.2 meters in length and up to 10 kilograms in weight, and it usually resides closer to sharp reefs at the bottom of mangrove estuaries. On top of that, its quick and aggressive way of latching onto lures can truly test your skill and strength as an angler or lure fisher.

Do you want to try catching mangrove jacks? Heed these tips from experienced fishing shops in Perth so you can have better chances at scoring the exciting sportfish.”

4 Important Tips for Responsible Outdoor Travel

“For many Perth residents, outdoor travel is all about recreation, enjoyment, and freedom from urban life’s structures and regulations. These benefits, however, come with a certain amount of responsibility. When travelling outdoors, you need to be aware that your actions can have an effect on the fragile environment, so whether you’re headed to a mountain destination for a day visit or a weeklong vacation, know that you play an important part in retaining the location’s natural beauty either way.
When traveling in the native part of Australia, with sturdy equipment from Perth camping shops like Getaway Outdoors in tow, keep in mind the local people have a unique relationship with their land and water, which entails utmost consideration for the environment. Here are some ways you can show respect for the locals’ spiritual relationship with their surroundings.”