Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tent

This is the season once again for the famed Australian summer heat, and what more can you ask for in a perfect boating, fishing, or camping (or all three of them!) getaway weather? Whatever outdoor adventure you’re planning for this summer, one essential thing should not be forgotten: the tent. Before you go looking for tents though, here are some things to consider:


When it says on the label that a particular tent fits four, it means it. What it does not say, however, is how cramped all the four people will be inside the tent. If you are a family of four, consider getting a tent for six people to guarantee room for you and your packs, and also for you to sleep comfortably.


Dome or tunnel? That is the question. The answer lies on the place where you’re headed. Tunnel tents are usually great for windy terrains, but if you’re steering clear from anywhere windy, a dome tent is perfect in protecting you from sudden changes in weather.


Do you camp often, or every summer? Consider buying a durable and waterproof tent, which are usually made of canvas, though they become heavy once they absorb rainwater. Tents made of nylon are waterproof, too, yet they deteriorate after continuous and long exposure to sunlight.

Whatever tent you choose, and whatever outdoor adventure you long for, what matters most is that you and your family have a wonderful time outdoors.


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